Wind Up Doll, by Seo

This is something that I know is true of almost everybody I know.  There are just some days that are tougher than others and all you want to do is go back to bed and hope that the next time you wake up, it’ll all be better.  On days like that, I am always reminded of just how much I need the love and support of my friends and professors.  But they’re not just around on bad days to make them better, they’re around on normal days to turn good days into great ones.  Every time that I get a smile or a hug from my friends, I know that I am loved, and little moments like this help me get through my day, even if it’s already a good day.
But it’s not just friends.  Sometimes, strangers impact your day more than friends ever could.  Maybe by holding a door open, or helping you pick up something you dropped, or just smiling at you because they’re having a great day; these are also little moments that help us get by, whether we realize them as such or not.  After all, how much can a stranger ruin your day just by being a little rude or insensitive?
For this project, I tapped into that on a more literal level.  As you can see, without the help of others, I cannot move forward.  This is also something that’s true of all of us.  Some need less help than others, some need more, but all of our lives revolve around each other because we are human.  None of us can do it all on our own.  None of us are Supermen/Superwomen.
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One Response to Wind Up Doll, by Seo

  1. Roxy says:

    This is awesome, Seo! I really like the video!

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