Bike Valet!, by Roxana

Free Range Bikes Bike Valet program is in full swing! We’re ecstatic to finally be able to provide bikes with a program that suits their needs, a program which emphasizes their strengths and helps them reach their full potential and speed on the road. Not convinced? We’ve always felt sorry for bikes without kickstands – because everyone needs something to lean on sometime! Well, we’re now offering a support program for bikes without kickstands, showing them new ways to support each other and how to cope if they have experienced any discrimination or pressure.

Our group has always believed bikes are people, too – when we held a trial program of the Bike Valet service in front of Frary (at Pomona College) last Thursday, we met someone who asked us, incredulously: “You know bikes aren’t people, right?”. It made the soul of yours truly die a little inside. In the words of one our volunteers, that really grinded my gears. What does that say about the state of humanity right now, when we can’t treasure our relationships with our bikes?

The trial program was successful, in any case! We had a number of fans, even one guy who began chanting “Free Range Bikes! Every day!” or something similar. Watch the video for all the deets! Also, we’re looking to hire more Valets! Some members of our team have more than 15 years of being in the business, but don’t let that stop you from applying! Everyone deserves the chance to be a Valet, and let us know why we should choose you! Some successful applications have been from people who’ve spent time in no-lock communities – where its against the law to lock your bikes to a metal bike rack (because we think that’s inhumane!) Also, offering neat services like yoga for bikes, being great at expressive storytelling, aromatherapy, etc. will only help your application! If you decide you don’t want to apply, we hope you support our program! Let’s start treating bikes the humane way!

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